Fill in the blanks for IBPS Clerk

Fill in the blanks for IBPS Clerk
Fill in the blanks for IBPS Clerk

Fill in the blanks for IBPS Clerk:

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Instructions (1 – 5):

Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Question 1:

Drawing attention to the pitfalls of ____ solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors, Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not last for long and thus research on Thorium as its ____ must be revived.

a) using, substitute
b) believing, replacement
c) depending, reserve
d) reckoning, option
e) relying, alternative

Question 2:

In an effort to provide ____ for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing education without adequate infrastructure, thus churning out ____ graduates every year.

a) chances, fresh
b) platform, capable
c) opportunities, unemployable
d) prospects, eligible
e) policy, incompetent

Question 3:

The move to allow dumping of mercury ____ an outcry from residents of the area who ____ that high levels of mercury will affect their health and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.

a) resulted, insist
b) provoked, fear
c) incited, determined
d) activated, accept
e) angered, believe

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Question 4:

____ has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a valid license and maintaining a stock of ____ drugs.

a) Note, overwhelming
b) Step, impressive
c) Execution, outdated
d) Action, expired
e) Lawsuit, invalid

Question 5:

Even as the ____ else where in the world are struggling to come out of recession, Indian consumers are splurging on consumer goods and to ____ this growth, companies are investing heavily in various sectors.

a) economies, meet
b) countries, inhibit
c) governments, measure
d) nations, inflict
e) companies, counter

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Instructions (6 – 10):

Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Question 6:

When you want to digitalise a city ____ with millions, you don’t bet ____ the odds.

a) proceeding, into
b) teeming, against
c) undergoing, adhere
d) dangling, for
e) falling, above

Question 7:

The numbers ____ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number of users are ____ to buy music.

a) morphed, ignoring
b) labelled, thriving
c) figured, fanatic
d) painted, interested
e) touted, willing

Question 8:

If India is ____ on protecting its resources, international business appears equally ____ to safeguard its profit.

a) dreaded, fragile
b) stubborn, weak
c) bent, determined
d) approaching, settled
e) obsessed, prepared


Question 9:

Brands ____ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to ____ where consumers are on the path of decision making and direct them to the best market offers.

a) diluting, divulge
b) tempting, maintain
c) imputing, overdrive
d) pursuing, assess
e) employing, trust

Question 10:

Lack of financing options, ____ with HR and technological ____ make small and medium enterprises sector the most vulnerable component of our economy.

a) except, loophole
b) coupled, challenges
c) armed, benefits
d) registered, strategies
e) strengthened, facilities

Answers and Solutions for Fill in the blanks for IBPS Clerk:


1) Answer (A)

Thorium should be used as a substitute or alternative to Uranium. So, options a) and e) are
relevant. Because of the use of the words ‘solely on’ in the first part of the sentence, we can pick option e) over option a).

2) Answer (C)

The word in the second blank should have a negative connotation because the sentence says the universities are churning out graduates without providing them with proper education. So, options c) and e) are relevant. Between the two, only option c) makes sense in the first blank. So, option c) is the correct answer.

3) Answer (B)

Only fear and believe are applicable in the second blank. Between ‘provoked’ and ‘angered’,
provoked is more suitable in the first blank. So, option b) is the correct answer.

4) Answer (D)

Only ‘outdated’, ‘expired’ and ‘invalid’ are applicable in the second blank. Among the three options, only ‘action’ is suitable in the first blank because of the use of the words ‘has been taken’ after the blank. So, option d) is the best answer.

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5) Answer (A)

Except option e), all the other words are suitable in the first blank. But, only option a) is applicable in the second blank because companies don’t try to reduce the growth.

6) Answer (B)

The right preposition to be used when using odds is “against”. Hence, only option b is correct.

7) Answer (E)

Online music providers try to sell their products by claiming that a large number of customers are buying their products. So, touted and morphed are suitable answers. But in the second option, morphed is followed by ignoring which is an incorrect option. Hence option E is the correct answer to the question.

8) Answer (C)

‘Bent and determined are the correct options for the blanks. Hence C is the correct option for the question. Fragile, weak, approaching and obsessed are incorrect in the context.

9) Answer (D)

For the first blank, employing and pursuing are the only two correct options. For the second blank, assess and divulge are the only correct answers. So, the correct option is d as it has both the words as correct options.

10) Answer (B)

The second blank has to be in plural and a negative word. Loophole is singular. Facilities,
Strategies and benefits are positive sounding words. So, the correct option is (b).

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