English Language Questions for Bank Clerk Exams

English Language Questions for Bank Clerk Exams
English Language Questions for Bank Clerk Exams

English Language Questions for bank clerk exams Best practice the questions and answers for bank exams also English practice set including solved papers, shortcuts to SBI clerk and IBPS Clerk exams

English Language Questions for Bank Clerk Exams:

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The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words as answer choices and from the six choices you have to pick up two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

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Question 1:

Drugs worth Rs. 3 lakh were ___ from the apartment by the police. (A) manufactured (B) ruptured (C) seized (D) confiscated (E) bought (F) compared

a) (A) and (D)

b) (B)and(C)

c) (C)and(E)

d) (E) and (F)

e) (C)and(D)

Question 2:

A man reportedly_____ two passports with the same photograph but under different names was arrested by the commissioner’s Task Force.  (A) possessing (B) examining (C) surrendering (D) mastering (E) holding (F) fixating

a) (B) and(C)

b) (C)and(F)

c) (A) and (E)

d) (A) and (D)

e) (D)and(E)

Question 3:

The Hollywood star and the Bollywood heroine are being ____ as the next big onscreen couple. (A) labelled (B) explained (C) worshiped (D) touted (E) exclaimed (F) shouted

a) (B) and (D)

b) (A) and (C)

c) (B) and (F)

d) (A) and (D)

e) (C) and (D)

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Question 4:

An organization ______ to the mission of road safety has prepared an action plan for reducing accidents and related injuries and fatalities. (A) specified (B) inaugurated (C) committed (D)kickedoff (E) succumbed (F) dedicated

a) (C) and (F)

b) (A) and (E)

c) (C) and (E)

d) (D) and (F)

e) (A) and (C)

Question 5:

The ability of a woman to do well does not_____ on whether it is a man’s world or not, because everyone has his/her own opportunities. (A) trust (B) depend (C) reckon (D) live (E) rest (F) believe

a) (D) and (E)

b) (B) and (C)

c) (A) and (F)

d) (B) and (E)

e) (C) and (D)

Solutions (1 to 5)

1) Answer (e)

Seized means “take hold of suddenly and forcibly”. Confiscated means “take or seize (someone’s property) with authority.”
Both seized and confiscated can be used in the given context

2) Answer (c)

Both possessing and holding can be used interchangeably when describing use of passport. The other options are either in appropriate to be used for passports or are conveying an entirely different meaning.

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3) Answer (d)

Both labelled and touted can be used in the given context. Exclaimed, worshipped, explained, and shouted are absolutely inappropriate in the given context.

4) Answer (a)

Both committed and dedicated can be used in the given context
Inaugurated, specified, succumbed and kicked off are not appropriate to be used in the given scenario.

5) Answer (d)

Both depend and rest can be used in the given context


Rearrange the following six sentence (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph ; then answer the questions given below them.
A. There are a number of items in the atomic energy programme which are being made indigenously.
B. Given the overall energy situation in India, the use of nuclear power in some measure is inescapable even while thermal and hydrogen power continue to be the dominant elements.
C. However. commercial aspects of exploiting nuclear capabilities, especially for power-generation programmes, have been recently given high priority.
D. Atomic energy programmes have been subject to serve restrictions for very obvious reasons as the Department of Atomic Energy is becoming self-reliant in areas in which only a few countries have such capability.
E. Even to meet these nuclear power requirements, India critically requires a commercial level power-generation capability with its commensurate safety and nuclear waste management arrangements
F. Thus, in the Indian context energy security is also crucial, perhaps much more than it is for the U.S.A. because India imports a good part of its crude oil requirements, paying for it with precious foreign exchange.

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Question 6:

Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Question 7:

Which of the following will be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Question 8:

Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5


Question 9:

Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Question 10:

Which of the following will be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Solutions (6 to 10)

Sentence B introduces the topic of discussion i.e. scenario of energy situation in India. Sentence D should follow it as it tells us about the restrictions in Atomic Energy Programme and that some countries are getting self-reliant in it. Sentence A follows it as it tells the reason why few countries mentioned in D are getting self reliant as there are items which are made indigenously. C changes the topic of discussion by stating that commercial aspects of exploiting nuclear capabilities are given high priority. Sentence E states that to meet requirements stated in C, India needs commercial level power-generation capability and hence should follow C. F concludes the paragraph by stating that for India energy security is crucial as it imports crude oil and pay for it by precious foreign exchange. So, the sequence is BDACEF.

6) Answer (e)

Thus, the fifth sentence is E.

7) Answer (a)

Thus, the third sentence is A.

8) Answer (d)

Thus, the second sentence is D.

9) Answer (b)

Thus, the first sentence is D.

10) Answer (c)

Thus, the fourth sentence is C.

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