Economy Questions for SSC CPO PDF

Economy Questions for SSC CPO PDF
Economy Questions for SSC CPO PDF

Economy Questions for SSC CPO PDF

Download SSC CPO  Economy Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CPO exams. 13 Very important Economy Questions for SSC exams.

Download Economy Questions for SSC CPO PDF

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Pick out the most effective pair of words to make the sentence meaningful.

Question 1: Handicrafts constitute an important……. of the decentralised sector of India’s economy and ……. employment to cover six million artisans.

a) factor, aims

b) segment, provides

c) extension, plants

d) period, projects

Question 2: Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No improvement.
In a recession-hit economy, automobiles is the mostly affected sector.

a) is the most

b) are the mostly

c) No improvement

d) are the most

Question 3: The financial resources of an economy cannot be mobilised by ____________.

a) Inflation

b) Taxation

c) Private Savings

d) Public Savings

Question 4: If RBI raise repo rate, what is its likely impact on Indian economy?

a) Loans will become cheaper

b) Inflation will decrease

c) Reverse repo rate will decrease

d) Inflation will increase

Question 5: The situation in the economy where unemployment is prevailing is known as ________.

a) Galloping Inflation

b) Stagflation

c) Hyper Inflation

d) Individual Debt


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Question 6: Based on economic activities, how many sectors are there in Indian economy?

a) 4

b) 3

c) 2

d) 5

Question 7: The Indian economy can be most appropriately described as a ______ economy.

a) Socialist

b) Traditional

c) Capitalist

d) Mixed

Question 8: In the sentence identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.
Many of China’s exports has been redirected to the domestic market in view of the more consumption-driven economy.

a) Many of China’s exports

b) has been redirected

c) to the domestic market

d) in view of the more consumption-driven economy

Question 9: Who among the following is the author of “Principles of Political Economy”?

a) Milton Friedman

b) David Ricardo

c) Joseph Schumpeter

d) John Stuart Mill

Question 10: A sustained rise in the general price level in an economy is called ______.

a) Disinflation

b) Deflation

c) Inflation

d) Stagflatio

Question 11: ………. is the primary sector of the Indian economy.

a) Banking

b) Information and Technology

c) Agriculture

d) Judiciary

Question 12: On the basis of nominal GDP,India is the world’s ……… largest economy in 2018.

a) tenth

b) third

c) fifth

d) seventh

Question 13: The production of a commodity through natural processis an activity associated to which sector of the Indian Economy?

a) Tertiary

b) Secondary

c) Quaternary

d) Primary

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (D)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (C)

11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (D)

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We hope this Economy Questions for SSC CPO Exam will be highly useful for your preparation.


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