Directions Questions for Bank PO and Clerk – Online Quiz

Directions Questions for Bank Po and clerk
Directions Questions for Bank Po and clerk

Directions Questions for Bank Po and Clerk useful for all Banking exams like IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk and SBI exams.

Directions Sense Test for Bank Po and Clerk:

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Question 1

An ant starts moving on a circle of radius 50 cm. It starts from the southern-most tip of the circumference of the circle and travels along the circumference of the circle in clockwise direction till it reaches the western-most point on the circumference of the circle. It takes a right turn and moves in a straight line for 100 cm. How far is the ant from the starting point?


The ant’s final position is the eastern-most tip of the circumference of the circle. Since the radius of the circle is 50 cm, the distance from the starting point is $$\sqrt{50^2 + 50^2}$$ = $$50\sqrt2$$ cm

Question 2

Stephen cycled 20 km south, followed by 30 km east, and followed by 60 km north. How many km should he cycle back to reach his starting point?


Stephen is 30 km east and 40 km north from the starting point. So, he should cycle $$\sqrt{40^2 + 30^2}$$ = 50 km to reach his starting point.

Question 3

If north-east becomes south, east becomes south-west and so on, what will north-west become?


If north-east becomes south, north-west will become east.


Study the given information and answer the given questions.
Point A is 11 m North of point B.
Point C is 11 m East of point B
Point D is 6 m North of point C
Point E is 7 m West of point D
Point F is 8 m North of point E
Point G is 4 m West of point F

Question 4

What is the shortest distance between point F from point A ?


$$AF^{2} = 4^{2} + 3^{2}$$

AF = 5

According to the above diagram, shortest distance between F and A will be 5 m. Hence, answer will be E

Question 5

How far and in which direction is point G from point A ?


As we can see in the above diagram that distance between G and A will be 8-(11-6) = 3 m

Hence, answer will be A

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