Analogy Questions For LIC AAO

analogy questions for lic aao
analogy questions for lic aao

Analogy Questions For LIC AAO

Download Important Analogy questions for LIC AAO exam. Top 20 Analogy questions with answers based on previous year asked questions.

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Question 1: Two items or words bear a particular relation with each other. Third item bears the same relation (which first and second bear) with one of the answer choices. The candidates are to pick up that word or item.
‘’Degree Relationship’’
Warm: Hot::

a) Glue: Paste

b) Bright: Genius

c) Climate: Weather

d) Leaders: People

Question 2: Influenza: Virus: Typhoid:?

a) Bacillus

b) Parasite

c) Protozoa

d) Bacteria

Question 3: Analogy for

a) nocturnal : diurnal

b) black : white

c) sunset : sunrise

d) opalescent : iridescent

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Question 4: Analogy for

a) shoulder : arm

b) stomach : intestine

c) shoe : laces

d) toe : foot

Question 5: Analogy for:

a) park: bench

b) play: stadium

c) paint: picture

d) build: column

Question 6: Choose the pair that best expresses the relationship: Dentist: Teeth::

a) Paleontologist: Monuments

b) Dermatologist: Skin

c) Astrologist: Past

d) Genealogist: Genes

Question 7: In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.





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Question 8: Find the option that should replace the (?) so that the second pair bears the same relationship as the first pair:
84:48::73: ?

a) 56

b) 16

c) 40

d) 36

e) 46

Question 9: Find the option which should replace (?), so that the second pair shares the same relation as the first pair.
$4 : 272 : 2 : ?$

a) 12

b) 135

c) 138

d) 20

e) 124

Question 10: Trumpet: Elephant :: Purr: ……

a) dog

b) tiger

c) antelope

d) cat

Question 11: An embryo is related to a new-born in the same way as ………………..

a) an egg is related to a chick

b) a student is related to a teacher

c) an old man is related to a young man

d) a lion is related to a lioness

Question 12: 1992 : 996 :: ? : 448

a) 894

b) 786

c) 224

d) 896

Question 13: In a certain encryption “CARDIAC” is coded as “ACRDICA”. How is “READER” coded in the same encryotion?





Question 14: In a certain encryption, “PETALS” is coded as “UJYFQX”. How is “MASTER” coded in the same encryption?





Question 15: 7 : 51 :: 5 : ?

a) 23

b) 24

c) 25

d) 27

Question 16: ‘Music’ is related to ‘Notes’ in the same way as ‘Language’ is related to………………

a) Sentences

b) Combination

c) Grammar

d) Alphabets

e) Syntax

Question 17: Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?

a) Food : Hunger

b) Water : Thirst

c) Air : Suffocation

d) Talent : Education

e) Leg : Lame

Question 18: Which of the following has the same relationship as that of Money : Wealth ?

a) Pity : Kindness

b) Cruel : Anger

c) Wise : Education

d) Pride : Humility

e) None of these

Question 19: ‘Writing’ is related to ‘Pen’ in the same way as _______?

a) ‘Singing is related to ‘Music’

b) ‘Stitching’ is related to ‘Needle’

c) ‘Dancing’ is related to ‘Exercise’

d) ‘Carpenter’ is related to ‘tools’

e) ‘Paper’ is related to ‘book’

Question 20: ‘Bricks’ are related to ‘Walls’ in the same way as Trees’ are related to

a) Roots

b) Branches

c) Forests

d) Plants

e) Green


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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

The words warm and hot have same meaning in general sense.
In the given pair of words only bright and genius have the same meaning.
Therefore, the correct option is option B.
2) Answer (D)

Here, the coorelation is between the disease and it’s vector.
Influenza’s vector is virus. Typhoid’s vector is bacteria.
Therefore, the correct option is option D.
3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (D)

Archipelago means a group of islands. Island thus forms a part of archipelago.
Similarly, toe is part of foot.
Therefore, the correct pair having similar relationship is foot-toe.
Hence, the correct option is option D.
5) Answer (B)

Here the relation between skate and rink is that skating is done in rink.
A game is played in stadium. Hence, the pay-stadium pair is most close in relation.
Therefore, the correct option is option B.
6) Answer (B)

Dentish deals with the problems associated with teeth.
Similarly, dermatologist deals with problems associated with skin.
Therefore, the correct option is option B.
7) Answer (C)

The logic followed here is (n + 9). Hence, the code for GAFT will be,

G + 9 = P, A + 9 =J, F + 9 = O, T + 9 = C.

Similarly, the code for WORS is,

W + 9 = F, O + 9 = X, R + 9 = A, S + 9 = B.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

8) Answer (C)

$84 = 8^2 – 4^2 = 64 – 16 = 48$
Using the same logic,
$73 = 7^2 – 3^2 = 49 – 9 = 40$.
Therefore, option C is the right answer.

9) Answer (D)

The given numbers follow the following relation:

$4 : 4^2 + 4^4$

$2 : 2^2 + 2^4$

Hence, 20 is the correct answer.

10) Answer (D)

Trumpet is the sound made by Elephant. Purr is the sound made by a cat.

11) Answer (A)

An embryo is represents a fertilized fetus before birth. An egg is similar to a fetus and a chick represents a new born.

12) Answer (D)

996 = 1992/2
So, the required number = 448*2 = 896

13) Answer (D)

The first two and the last two letters are interchanged keeping other letters the same.

14) Answer (D)

Every letter in PETALS is replaced by a letter that is 5 places ahead in the English alphabetical series.

15) Answer (D)

51 = $7^2$ + 2
So, the required number is $5^2$ + 2 = 27

16) Answer (A)

Music is composed from notes, similarly a language is made from sentences.

=> Ans – (A)

17) Answer (D)

Without food, we feel hungry, without water we feel thirsty, without air we feel suffocated and without a leg, one is lame.

=> Ans – (D)

18) Answer (A)

A person can get wealth from money, in the same way, a person can get kindness from pity.

=> Ans – (A)

19) Answer (B)

‘Writing’ is related to ‘Pen’ as pen is used to write, similarly a needle is used to stitch, hence ‘Stitching’ is related to ‘Needle’.

=> Ans – (B)

20) Answer (C)

Several bricks together constitute a Wall. Similarly, several trees together constitute a forest.

=> Ans – (C)

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