SSC CGL Mathematics Test 63


The table given below shows the percentage of literate people in 6 cities. This table also shows the ratio of males to females among literate people. 

% of literate people of any city = (Literate people of the city / Total population of the city) x 100 

Question 1

Total population of City 6 is 200000 and the total population of City 2 is 220000. What is the respective ratio of literate males of City 2 and literate females of City 6?

Question 2

If there are 259210 literate females in City 5, then what is the total population of City 5?

Question 3

The population of the 6 cities are 250000, 200000, 220000, 300000, 150000 and 400000 respectively. Which is the correct order of the number of literate people in these cities?

Question 4

If the total population of City 4 is 600000, then how many literate people are there in city 4?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 5

If A is equal to 20% of B and B is equal to 25% of C; then what percent of C is equal to A?

#NameOverall Score
1Sunil Kumar5
2Kapil Raj5
3Ritu Patiyal5
5suvam sinha5
6Mayank Bhargava4
8Shubham Kumar3
9Shaj Mohammed3
10Mathews Henry3

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