5 Months Ultimate CAT Course

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Valid till Jan 10 2020

5 Months Ultimate CAT Course


  • 750 Excellent Videos
  • 15,000 Solved Question Bank
  • 45 Mocks and 30 Sectionals
  • 100+ Concept Notes and Solved Example Sets
  • Valid Till Jan 10 2020

750 Excellent Videos

200 Concept videos covering entire CAT portion including essential shortcuts, tips and tricks. 550 videos covering solved questions.

15,000 Questions with Detailed Solutions

Our Study Room has 15,000 questions sorted by difficulty level. Our intelligent adaptive platform prepares short topic tests by picking questions based on the student's proficiency in that topic.

45 Mocks and 30 Sectional Tests

45 National level mocks that are taken by a wide base of students. The mock distribution would be 20 CAT mocks, 5 IIFT mocks, 5 XAT mocks, 5 SNAP mocks, 5 CMAT mocks and 5 NMAT mocks. 10 CAT Sectional tests each for Quant, Verbal and LRDI.

100+ Concept Notes and Solved Example Sets

50+ notes that explain fundamental concepts in detail. 50+ Solved example sets that pick 5 toughest and most representative questions from each topic and solve them in great detail.


  • Quants

    Overview of the topics asked in the Quants section.


    Overview of the topics asked in the verbal section.


    Overview of the topics asked in reasoning section.
  • Quants

    Ratio and proportions, mixtures, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, pipe and cisterns.


    How to approach reading Comprehension Questions.


    Basic DI approximation techniques, how to solve questions based on Einstein puzzle, Games and tournaments.
  • Quants

    Time, speed and distance, Relative velocity, circular tracks, clocks, Races and headstarts, boats and escalators, Parallel lines and triangles.


    Central idea and the purpose of the passage,Connecting the main idea of all the paragraphs.Approaching various typeof RCs such as informative, persuasive, satirical, and sarcastic RCs, approaching RCs with close options, How to make inferences from the passage.


    How to represent the given information, How to solve questions based on team selection, 2D space LRs, routes and networks.
  • Quants

    Basics of trigonometry, heights and distances, applications of trigonometry Properties of circles, tangents, chords, Quadrilaterals and coordinate geometry, 3D Geometry, surfaces and volumes.


    Answering RC questions that continue the theme of the passage, next topic of discussion.


    Seating arrangement (1 & 2), Seating Arrangement- People facing different directions.
  • Quants

    Number systems (factors, highest power of a number in a factorial, base systems), Divisibility Rules, Remainder theorems - Fermat, Euler, Wilson, Chinese, and advanced remainder theorems.


    Author agree or disagree


    Scheduling, Area chart, Pie Chart and Bubble chart, DI Bar and line charts, DI special charts Solving DI questions with data over the and connected data sets.
  • Quants

    Progressions and series, AP/GP/HP, AM-GM principle, Solving linear equations.


    Approaching para jumbles, how to identify the transition words, TITA para jumbles, Finding out the sentence out of context, Identifying the title and tone of the passage.


    Sets based on Truth-Liar concept, complex seating arrangement questions based on truth-liar concept. Interpreting various types of charts, DI tables with missing values, complex arrangement based questions.
  • Quants

    Quadratic equations, finding the maxima and minima, functions, Factorizing Polynomials.


    Eliminating options in para summary questions, How to approach questions based on para completion, various types of para completion questions.


    Solving cumulative DI, DI based on rate of growth, %change based DIs.
  • Quants

    Surds and indices, logarithms, weights and balances, Approaching questions based on inequalities.


    Identifying the premise and assumptions in critical reasoning, evaluating additional information, role played by specific parts.


    LR sets based on weights and balances, picking coins, sets based on blood relations and directions.
  • Quants

    Data sufficiency, counting methods, permutation and combination, Number of integral solutions.


    Eliminating close options, dis-qualifiers in an option, narrowing down choices.


    Selection and Arrangement with Repetition, Circular Arrangements, Inclusion-exclusion principle.
  • Quants

    Probability, solving questions on set theory using Venn diagrams, Calendar.


    Answering unconventional RC questions based on poems and dialogues..


    Solving DIs based on Venn diagrams, approaching questions based on 4-set Venn diagrams.
  • Quants






Course Includes

1750 Videos covering entire CAT portion
2 15000 Excellent Questions with detailed solutions
3 20 CAT Mocks, 5 IIFT, 5 XAT, 5 SNAP, 5 NMAT and 5 CMAT Mocks
4 30 Sectional Tests (10 Quant, 10 Verbal, 10 LR-DI)
5 100 Concept Notes and Solved example sets
6 Doubts solved by exam experts
7 15 Previous CAT Papers
8 Detailed mock analysis with national percentile
9Take the test in the actual exam interface
10 Wide base of test takers for accurate percentile
11 Validity upto Jan 10, 2020

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IIM A,B,C & L Calls


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a one-stop solution for preparing for CAT. You can learn and revise concepts using our Video Series. You can then practice and improve your speed and accuracy using our Study Room. Finally, you can gauge where you stand on a national-level using our "closest to actual CAT" Mocks.
Yes, this course covers the entire syllabus for CAT, right from basics to the most advanced level concepts.
Nothing!! This is a very comprehensive course and you don't need to follow any other book beyond this course.
You can attempt as many tests as you want in a day. Each test can be attempted once but the solutions can be reviewed any number of times.
Premium members can post their doubts below the particular question/video. It will be answered by our mentors within 3 working days.
You can access the course on your laptop or mobile. We also have a top rated Android app to access the study materials.
You will get access to the package immediately. Mocks will go live according to the schedule given on the Mocks page.
This package is valid till Jan 10, 2020
You can make the payment through
  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • PayTM
  • And all other major wallets
If the money is deducted from your account and you didn't get the access, please mail us at cracku@cracku.in along with the details about your transaction.
Please email your doubts to support@cracku.in or WhatsApp "CAT Enrollment" to 6303239042 or 7382060025.

What Our Students Say

Cracku's online classes were instrumental for scoring well in CAT 2018. They helped me immensely in building my knowledge base right from the basics. The numerous practice questions and mocks also gave a boost to my preparation. I thank sayali ma'am for her excellent classes and guidance.

Pillarisetti Bhargav
CAT 2018 - 99.76%le

Cracku was really helpful in my preparation for CAT and XAT. I love how the contents are segregated properly in their curriculum,  whether you want to start from the basic, revise a subtopic or take a quick mock or sectional test. Study Room was my go-to section whenever I could find time for a quick 15 min test. The whole UI is great and keeps track of your stats and mistakes and saved problems. Overall I would highly recommend for any MBA aspirant.

Tanmoy Nandi
CAT 2018 - 99.46%le

Cracku has really helped me prepare for my examination. With its app , i could practice when i was travelling as well. The video content is really good and helped me understand difficult concepts.

CAT 2018 - 98.09%le

The video lectures on quant and the small 15mins tests were very useful. I owe my quant performance to cracku's test series and sectional mocks.

Shivam chandra
CAT 2018 - 98.48%le

The test series by CrackU greatly help me. The whatsapp preparation groups as well as the online classes by CrackU helped me overcome the difficult concepts with peer learning as well as important guidance. A special thanks to Sayali Kale ma'am. The concepts of geometry, PNC, Remainder theorems etc which are quite difficult to grasp, were quite elegantly and effectively explained by her in the online classes.

Abhijeet Kothiyal
CAT 2018 - 98.59%le

The short quizzes and the approach given in the solutions for every problem were really helpful. Moreover, the plethora of questions of different varieties on each topic, helped me be exam ready. Lucid User-interface and time-bound sets of questions helped me solve problems with the exam-like environment.

Rohit Srivastava
CAT 2018 - 98.89%le

The cracku videos by the IIMA was tremendously helpful. Added to that was the daily quiz in the app- which helped me be up to date with the content. You guys have done a great job!

Yadhu Gopal
CAT 2018 - 99.1%le

With all the detailed explanation of topics, to good level of mocks, to timely reply of doubts, Cracku has checked all the boxes for the pre-requisites of achieving a truely great status among the Exam preparation institutes. Well done Cracku and keep improving. Thanks for all the help

Shashank Mishra
CAT 2018 - 99.16%le

Great videos, lrdi sectional mocks are also great.

Pritish Mohanty
CAT 2018 - 99.16%le

Cracku's CAT platform offered me a wide range of practice problems to solve and Quick reference materials. They really have a great team to answer your queries making them a Complete Platform.

Syam Ganesh
CAT 2018 - 99.2%le

The DI/LR sets were amazing and really helpful, also the test UI was similar to CAT. Overall it was a good learning experience.

Akriti Raman
CAT 2018 - 99.40%le

The number of tests and their quality, the periodic concept and strategy videos, the clarity of the solutions to the mocks and the grading of complexity of each question really helped figure out the level of difficulty that could be expected from the paper. Thank you!

Rohit Dinakar
CAT 2018 - 99.53%le

Great content and quality of questions in accordance with present pattern and difficulty level of Cat

Harikrishna Shenoy
CAT 2018 - 99.64%le

Cracku has a vast number of questions and a lot of support for any cat aspirant... The timed tests help a lot in developing speed and accuracy

Siddhant Samal
CAT 2018 - 99.65%le

It helped me to practice a variety of questions and keep me motivated.

prateek singh
CAT 2018 - 99.85%le

I want to say Cracku has helped me a lot in cracking CAT. Your content especially in DILR is outstanding. The approaches discussed in the videos help students in solving difficult and different patterns of questions quickly and efficiently.

Sashank Sharma
CAT 2018 - 99.84%le
5 Months Ultimate CAT Course


  • 750 Excellent Videos
  • 15,000 Solved Question Bank
  • 45 Mocks and 30 Sectionals
  • 100+ Concept Notes and Solved Example Sets
  • Valid Till Jan 10 2020

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