SBI PO Reasoning Test 21


In the following questions, the symbol $$\delta$$, %, *, $ and © are used with the following meaning as illustrated below.
‘P % Q’ means ‘P is not smaller than Q’.
‘P * Q’ means ‘P is neither greater than nor equal to Q’.
‘P $$\delta$$ Q’ means ‘P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q’
‘P $ Q’ means ‘P is neither greater than nor smaller than Q’.
‘P © Q’ means ‘P is not greater than Q’.
Now each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the two Conclusions I and II given below them is/are definitely true?
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Question 1

Statements: D $ T, T % M, M* J
Conclusions: I. J $$\delta$$ D
II. M © D

Question 2

Statements: B * K, K $ N, N % R
Conclusions: I. R $ K
II. R * K

Question 3

Statements: H % F, F * W, W $ E
Conclusions: I. E $$\delta$$ F
II. H $$\delta$$ W

Question 4

Statements: Z $$\delta$$ D, D © K, K $$\delta$$ M
Conclusions: I. M * D
II. Z $$\delta$$ K

Question 5

Statements: W © B, N $$\delta$$ B, N © F
Conclusions: I. F $$\delta$$ B
II. W * N

#NameOverall Score
1Bablu Christi5
4Vikram Singh5
5Haresh Haru5
8Mrunali Ramteke5
9Akash Vaykhinde Aks5
10vaishali khandare5

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