SBI Clerk English Test 5


Directions : The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words as answer choices and from the six choices you have to pick up two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 1

Drugs worth Rs. 3 lakh were ___ from the apartment by the police. (A) manufactured (B) ruptured (C) seized (D) confiscated (E) bought (F) compared

Question 2

An organization ______ to the mission of road safety has prepared an action plan for reducing accidents and related injuries and fatalities. (A) specified (B) inaugurated (C) committed (D)kickedoff (E) succumbed (F) dedicated

Question 3

The ability of a woman to do well does not_____ on whether it is a man's world or not, because everyone has his/her own opportunities. (A) trust (B) depend (C) reckon (D) live (E) rest (F) believe

Question 4

A man reportedly_____ two passports with the same photograph but under different names was arrested by the commissioner's Task Force.  (A) possessing (B) examining (C) surrendering (D) mastering (E) holding (F) fixating

Question 5

The Hollywood star and the Bollywood heroine are being ____ as the next big onscreen couple. (A) labelled (B) explained (C) worshiped (D) touted (E) exclaimed (F) shouted

#NameOverall Score
2Himanshu Ruwali5
3Ankur Johari5
6Siddharth Thakur5
7Anoop Sasi5
8Suraj Majumdar5
10Sham Baidya4

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