IBPS Verbal Test 12


Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it the error any will be in one part of the sentence Mark the number of the part with error as your answer.If there is ‘No error’ mark(5).

Q 1

Banks which do not (1)/meet its priority sector (2)/targets are required to (3)/pay high penalties.(4)/No error(5).

Q 2

This year a large number of frauds(1)/have been prevented by(2)/alert clerical staff who insisted(3)/that customers provided valid identity proof(4)/No error(5)

Q 3

As the price of (1)/gold is higher(2)/you should keep (3)/your jewellery in a locker (4)/No error(5).

Q 4

In order to claim (1)/any tax benefit you(2)/have to submit the Fixed Deposit (3)/issued by the Bank. (4)/No error(5)

Q 5

During I was in (1)/college I preferred(2)/eating out to (3)/the simple food in the hostel (4)/No error(5).

# Name Overall Score
1 Uddipana Dihingia 5
2 Sakshi Kumari 5
3 Shubham yadav 5
5 Ashith Kotian 5
6 Shards 5
7 shreya tandon 3
8 Nidhi Verma 3
9 Kamil Faiz 3
10 Nikita Mishra 3

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