IBPS Verbal Test 12


Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it the error any will be in one part of the sentence Mark the number of the part with error as your answer.If there is ‘No error’ mark(5).

Question 1

Banks which do not (1)/meet its priority sector (2)/targets are required to (3)/pay high penalties.(4)/No error(5).

Question 2

This year a large number of frauds(1)/have been prevented by(2)/alert clerical staff who insisted(3)/that customers provided valid identity proof(4)/No error(5)

Question 3

As the price of (1)/gold is higher(2)/you should keep (3)/your jewellery in a locker (4)/No error(5).

Question 4

In order to claim (1)/any tax benefit you(2)/have to submit the Fixed Deposit (3)/issued from the Bank. (4)/No error(5)

Question 5

During I was in (1)/college I preferred(2)/eating out to (3)/the simple food in the hostel (4)/No error(5).

# Name Overall Score
1 Uddipana Dihingia 5
2 Sakshi Kumari 5
3 Shubham yadav 5
5 Ashith Kotian 5
6 Shards 5
7 shreya tandon 3
8 Nidhi Verma 3
9 Kamil Faiz 3
10 Nikita Mishra 3

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