English grammar for CAT PDF - Practice questions for CAT

English Grammar for CAT – Solved Questions Set 4 (Download PDF)

English Grammar for CAT consists of the set of 5 grammar questions for CAT. Grammar questions used to be an important topic in past CAT question papers. Now though directly questions are not being...
para completion and summary questions for CAT

Para Completion Questions for CAT PDF – 2

Para Completion and Summary Questions for CAT PDF Test-2 consists of the important para completion questions for CAT. In CAT para completion questions the set of sentences is given and will be asked to...
Progressions Sequences and Series for CAT PDF

Progressions, Sequences and Series Questions for CAT PDF

Progressions, Sequences and Series for CAT PDF consists of important questions on progressions for CAT. Every year 3-5 questions will be asked from this sequences and series topic. Here we are giving some important questions...
time distance work for CAT problems

Time, Speed Distance and Work CAT Problems

Time Speed Distance CAT Problems consists of important Time and Work CAT Questions with Solutions. This Time and Speed test is very important for Quantitative aptitude for CAT. Taking a free mock test for...
Proft and Loss Questions for CAT PDF

Profit and Loss Questions for CAT

Profit and Loss Questions for CAT PDF consists of the important questions on profit and loss for CAT exam. This Profit, Loss and Discount questions and answers PDF will be very helpful for Quantitative aptitude...