Data Interpretation for CAT questions

Data Interpretation for CAT questions PDF

Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning is the second section in CAT exam. DI (Data Interpretation) section consists of around 16 Questions from 4 sets. Each set will have 3 to 5 questions. Sometimes the...
CAT Syllabus 2019

CAT syllabus PDF 2019

CAT syllabus 2019 PDF CAT is conducted every year in the month of November/December. CAT 2018 exam was conducted on November 25, 2018. Before preparing for any exam, it is better to have a...
How to get into IIM with poor academics

How to get into IIM with poor academics

How to get into IIM with poor academics? While everyone must be putting in their efforts to enter the hallowed portals, some aspirants might be sceptical of their chances of making it through due...
Expected Topic-Wise weightage in CAT Exam

Expected Topic wise Weightage in CAT 2019 | Most Important Topics

This is the expected topic wise weightage for CAT 2019, the most important topics for CAT exam. The CAT 2019 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 24th Nov, 2019. Candidates are required to...
Bayes theorem conditonal probability for CAT

Bayes Theorem Conditional Probability for CAT PDF

Bayes Theorem Conditional Probability examples and its applications for CAT is one of the important topic in the quantitative aptitude section for CAT. If you are preparing for Probability topic, then you shouldn't leave...